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Genres: Pop
Albums:   Wanessa Camargo
Artists:   Wanessa Camargo


Let me feel the scars on your heart
So I can sing you to sleep
Let me touch the tears as you cry
So I can hold you as you weep
You don't have to keep it all inside
I will keep your secrets like their mine
So you can fly or you can fall
You can even lose it all
I'm gonna love you
You can let me
Hurt for you a little while
Just until see your smile
You can let me, you can let me down
I need to be the place in this world
You want to run to always find peace
I love you when the hope is all gone
I love you strong and I love you weak, yeah
Whether you triumph or break
You know I?ll stand beside you either way
And every time you need me
I love you more believe me
I'm here
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